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Choose The Red

and let's see how far this rabbit-hole goes.

I'm a young woman (yes, you read that right: not girl) in her late teens who has found her passion in life to be the clever arranging of words into a string of sentences in order to communicate a story and hopefully entertain a few readers. I also happen to enjoy reading said clever arrangings of words.

Other than that I play flute in my school's marching band, listen to almost any genre of music, spend some quality time with my wonderful friends, and I pretty much obsess over my anime fandoms. Ask my friends, I can't get enough of my favorite pairings.

One day, I hope to be a successful author in my own right and (don't laugh) possibly fanfic my own stories. Hah, take that disclaimers! And don't tell me all you fanfic writers haven't thought about it before. Anyways.....I hope to go into publishing/editing after college and maybe a bit of psychology/therapy. I'm a fan of inorganic chemistry, world history, literature of every kind, and sometimes just the feel of being in school. Oh yeah, I'm a real nerd here.....or should I call myself a hopeful academic?

As you could probably tell from the above paragraph, I'm not much of an "outside person"....or a "morning person" for that matter *looks at alarm clock* I have played basketball for ten years at my church (after six *shudders* years of ballet, tap, and jazz *shudders again*), and I do consider marching band to be a true sport. Don't argue me on this one, I've had years to create an extremely valid point and plenty of people to test it on.

So, I'd say that gives you a decent picture of the person behind the casually-dressed 5'10" anti-pink female that is myself. And for those of you who already knew it all: I still wonder how you put up with my lazy butt every day.