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serious Riku

February 2012



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May. 31st, 2030

serious Riku

Welcome to my Personal LJ

Welcome ^.^

About me

Call me Skye ^.^

For My Fanfiction
If you're interested in my fanfiction, you'll find it at my fanfic journal 
[info]skye_hakari or my fanficton.net account of the same name

For This Journal
And if you're here for this journal, then you'll be seeing updates on my original writing, my life in general, and the occasional rant that goes with it. Everything in this journal will be
friend-locked, so you must friend me to see the entries. My apologies to those without an account, it's like this for security.
**I'm friendly and always willing to meet new people and make more friends, I promise ^.^

In the case of questions, post a comment!

Until next post,

Feb. 23rd, 2012

serious Riku

Return from the dead!!!!! (not really ^^')

 Sooooooo...I've been gone a while ^^'
Between school and everything else loaded on my plate (and rare access to a computer without my parents watching), well, my posting has slowly died..
But here I am! Giving it the proverbial CPR! XD

Though really: from now on I will be making more of an effort to post regularly, if not daily then a few times a week.
So look forward to seeing more of me ^.^/ (you lucky people you XD).

Til' next post,

p.s. Would you readers like me to start having regular posts? Like a weekly reaction to news, or a random facts about Skye post, etc.?? 
Seems like an interesting idea to me, comment if you like/don't like/have an opinion :)

Jan. 5th, 2012

serious Riku

Oh happy day~

Today's a great day. An absolutely fantabulous day ^.^ I'm posting for one, go non-procrastination! Though I'm doing it instead of my summer reading, so I guess it's still procrastination ^^' And I've been home all day! Never even changed out of my pajamas :3 Three cheers for relaxation! Especially since my last semester of high school starts Tuesday -.-' My Kindle Fire is actually allowing me to post! *falls to knees and thanks the technology gods* Though it still refuses to let me insert pictures >.< Oh well, picture spamming can commence at a later time. Soooooo people who may possibly be reading this post: what makes a happy day for you? Clearly mine is doing a whole bunch of random nothing in my pajamas~ Skye~